Papers on the Lunar Settlement


These papers form an assembly of position statements and analyses, intended to serve as grounds for discussion and development. A formal submission and comment process will be developed as participation increases. Currently, discussion occurs in the Luna Project Forum & the luna_discussion mailing list.


All papers are identified by a six-digit hexadecimal code. The first two digits identify the topic section, the second two are sequence numbers identifying the specific topic (00 is reserved), and the third two digits are edition numbers.
The title of each paper links to the HTML version, while the .PDF link leads to a version in U.S. 8½×11 inch letter size, suitable for printing. Additional layouts include metric paper sizes and large-format paper with blank columns for annotation. PDF documents require Adobe™ Reader or equivalent. Other revisions include superseded and pending versions.
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00 — General Topics
01 Prolegomenon
02 Overview
03 Location .PDF Discuss revision 0, 2007-191
01 — Life Support and Life Cycle
01 Atmosphere .PDF Discuss revision 0, 2007-120
02 — Engineering
01 Structure
02 Illumination .PDF Discuss revision 0, 2007-120
03 Ventilation Discuss
04 Thermal Management
05 Dust .PDF Discuss revision 0, 2007-183
06 Pressure Suits .PDF Discuss revision 0, 2007-201
07 Excavation .PDF Discuss revision 0, 2007-201
08 Launch Vehicles .PDF Discuss revision 0, 2007-213
09 Pressure and Vacuum Discuss
0A Communications
0B Extraction Processes
03 — Logistics
01 Space Transportation .PDF Discuss revision 0, 2007-196
02 Lunar Transportation