Papers on the Lunar Settlement in Alternate Formatting


The main Papers page provides printable files laid out for U.S. letter paper, 8½×11 inches. This page provides the same documents, laid out for metric A4 size paper for general use, and for 11×17 and A3 paper with blank columns at each side for annotation purposes.
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00 — General Topics
01 Prolegomenon
02 Overview
03 Location A4 Tabloid A3
01 — Life Support and Life Cycle
01 Atmosphere A4 Tabloid A3
02 — Engineering
01 Structure
02 Illumination A4 Tabloid A3
03 Ventilation
04 Thermal Management
05 Dust A4 Tabloid A3
06 Pressure Suits A4 Tabloid A3
07 Excavation A4 Tabloid A3
08 Launch Vehicles A4 Tabloid A3
03 — Logistics
01 Space Transportation A4 Tabloid A3