List of Luna Project Requirements

Every possible category is thrown in here, quite indiscriminately. Later, perhaps, it will be better organized…

For the Project to succeed, people need to hear about it. Word-of-mouth is always important, but never the only thing. If you are part of a science-fiction fan organization, or a model-rocketry club, talk it up to them. If you know of a convention being held, contact the organizers and try to arrange a Luna Project panel ; publius, or someone, may be able to attend, or at least furnish you with talking points to do it yourself. Talk to friends, family, and co-workers. If you know a high-school band director, why not put together a parade?
We need various books and related materials, for different purposes. Firstly, we need books to give away, as prizes in drawings & to stimulate interest in people who simply have not been exposed to these ideas. publius has identified several, but additional suggestions are invited. The below are all available in paperback, which is what we want to hand out. Secondly, we need to build up something resembling a library on space, lunar issues, and related topics. publius has quite a variety of relevant books, which he is willing to put into the pot, but more are needed. We also need to arrange some kind of cataloging and borrowing mechanism to get the information where it needs to go.
Symbols, posters, music, poems, you name it, we need it. Anything which can help in communicating the Project and its goals, impressing them more deeply in the public mind, is vital.
Writing Assistance
Any comments on, suggestions for, and possible revisions to the Papers are invited. Everything must be carefully considered and well developed.
Lists of Plants
To avoid dietary problems, the lunar settlers will be well-advised to attempt cultivation of practically every sort of edible plant. Therefore, the Project needs lists of species and varieties, their edible parts and required preparation techniques, the conditions under which they can be grown, and so on.
Office Supplies
publius needs letter (or, better, A4) paper, long "business" envelopes, and postage — in other words, the ammunition of a letter-writing campaign. Tabloid or A3 paper would be appreciated, but he does not yet have a printer which will handle them. Printed copies of the Papers and other text and graphic materials, for distribution, would also be a help.

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