Projected Chronology

Luna Project Progress Timeline

Various projected and target dates are indicated. Specific values are for guidance only, due to the uncertainty of present conditions.
"Time Zero" is the commencement of Project activities. This event begins the Preparatory Phase. "Time One" occurs at the landing of the first party of settlers. This completes the Preparatory Phase and begins the Establishing Phase. "Time Two" is the landing of the last party of the settlement group. This concludes the Establishing Phase. From Time Two onwards, Luna City is considered to be on a sound enoguh footing that the work of the Luna Project per se is complete, and further developments may be left to the ordinary course of events.
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Date Milestone Comment
2007-213 Time Zero
2011-001 Selection of first party
Delivery of flyable model 2StO
2012-001 Delivery of first lunar booster
Delivery of flyable model 1StO
2012-120 Prepositioning of supplies begins
First party enters quarantine
2012-190 Target date for first landing (Time One) (3 days before last quarter moon)
2012-215 First lunar oxygen production Required prior to landing of second party
(full moon)
2012-219 Secondary date for Time One (3 days before last quarter moon)
2014-001 Delivery of operational 2StO
Termination of use of expendable launchers Some reserve capability will be maintained, but it should be obvious that the long-term routine use of such configurations is unviable.
Fabrication of lunar rockets commences
2014-180 Establishment of first remote outpost
2015-001 Construction of lunar orbital station begins
2015-180 Target date for Time Two (full moon)
Delivery of operational 1StO The question may be raised why, if this event is only expected in the eighth year, at the end of the Establishing Phase, 1StO development should be incorporated in the agenda. The simple answer is that the time relations of the two events may change, allowing the 1StO to be useful after all. More subtle answers include that this device is expected to be of importance in the ongoing commerce of the heavens, and thus is relevant to Luna City future economic planning.
2016-001 Construction of space gun commences
2017-210 Luna City Worldcon