Working Principles for the Luna Project

The Luna Project does not behave like most enterprises. Here follows a short list of simple rules which participants should follow, to make it work.

  1. The Luna Project is a voluntary effort. If you see that something needs doing, do it.
  2. The Luna Project is a coöperative effort. Find the others who are doing what you are interested in, and join them. While multiple approaches to a problem can be useful, duplication of effort is not. The Sections and the Coördinators exist to facilitate pooling efforts, so that things actually get done.
  3. Ask : How much money do you really need? It can be easier to get donations of, e.g., materials or computer time, than to get money and buy it.
  4. Ask : How much time do you really need? Five years means doing things rapidly or not at all. If kludging a supersonic wind tunnel will do what you need, it may be faster than waiting for the good one at Wright-Patterson.

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