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There is no way to build public awareness without going out and talking with people. Accordingly, participants in the Project must appear at various events for public-relations purposes, and hold events of their own.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

FenCon VIII (DeepSouthCon 49)

23-25 September, Dallas
publius was in attendance briefly.

Renovation (69th World Science Fiction Convention)

17-21 August, Reno
A table was made available for the Project at a late stage. Owing to convention policy, merchandise sales will not be possible, so (as at Westercon 64) "local pickup" & "pay on pickup" options for eBay orders were made available.

Westercon 64

1-4 July, San Jose
On short notice, publius attended, and held down a table for the Project.

The project had tables at both Capricon in Chicago, 10-13 February, and Boskone in Boston, 18-20 February, which were manned by publius. Important : the return of some hardcover books taken from the table at Capricon, including one autographed by Charlie Duke, is earnestly requested. These were personal property, not meant for give-aways.


17-19 September, Dallas
publius assisted with a party thrown by NSS of North Texas, & took advantage of short-term table rental to set up a Project display for a couple of hours.

AussieCon 4 (Worldcon)

2-6 September, Melbourne
The Project placed an advertisement in the Souvenir Book, as well as in one of the Progress Reports. Furthermore, publius was able to attend, thanks to generous assistance from Project supporters, and manned a table. In passing, he also attended Au Contraire, the 2010 New Zealand national science-fiction & fantasy fandom convention, in Wellington.

ReConStruction (NASFiC)

5-8 August, Raleigh
The Project had a table.

Confirmation (Westercon 63 & ConChord 23)

1-4 July, Pasadena
The Project placed an advertisement in the Program Book, and shared a table with one of the bids for Westercon 64.

LosCon 36

The Project placed an advertisement in the Program Book, and had a table, with a more complete & satisfactory display than the previous year.


29 August — 1 September, Dallas
At the last minute, publius managed to obtain a table in the "Bizarre Bazaar" area, for this third year.

Anticipation (Worldcon 67)

6-10 August, Montreal (Palais des Congres), Quebec
We had a table, & publius not only participated in a variety of programming items, but even appeared on television. There was also a concert for the Apollo 11 anniversary, which we did not organize but were pleased to see happen.

FiestaCon (Westercon 62)

2-5 July 2009, Tempe (Tempe Mission Palms), Arizona
Copies of Luna! were furnished for the flyer tables.


5-7 June 2009, Oklahoma City (Biltmore), Oklahoma
We had a table, & publius participated in programming & a party hosted by the Oklahoma Space Alliance (chapter NSS).


24-26 April 2009, Tulsa (Radisson Tulsa), Oklahoma
publius was present with a table, as last year.

Project : A-Kon

29-31 May 2009, Dallas (Sheraton), Texas
Flyers on free tables, & a merchandise display put up by a friendly Comic Market vendor.

Space Access '09

2-4 April 2009, Phoenix (Grace Inn), Arizona
publius was in attendedance again this year, building on contacts made in the industry.


20-22 March 2009, New York (Rye Town Hilton), New York
Again this year, the Project had a table at the convention held annually by the "Lunarians" of the New York Science Fiction Society.


20-22 February 2009, Dallas (Crowne Plaza Suites), Texas
The Luna Project had a "Gallery Table" & an advertisement in the Program Book.

LosCon 35

The Project had a table, & thanks to the fine folks at O.A.S.I.S. (which began as an independent pro-space organization in the 1970s & is now the Los Angeles area chapter of the National Space Society, one of the 8 NSS chapters associated with the Moon Society) was able to co-host a room party. Unfortunatly, owing to the refusal of UPS to deliver Project materials, the convention was at best a qualified success.

General & Organizational Meeting

15 November, Richardson (AnimeFest Clubhouse), Texas
A public meeting was called, but attendance was insufficient to deal with the business proposed.

Maker Faire Austin

18 & 19 October, Austin, Texas
The do-it-yourself space program returned to the Central Texas incarnation of this do-it-yourself event, & once again was lost in an ocean of chatoic high-decibel sounds.


3-5 October, Dallas, Texas
The Project shared a table at the autumn Dallas SF convention with the local NSS chapter.


publius returned to the scene of last year's debut in Dallas, 29 August through 1 September 2008, with a table in the "Bizarre Bazaar" area once again.

Denvention 3

6-10 August 2008, Denver (Colorado Convention Center), Colorado
publius presented "Luna City or Bust", 11.30 AM Friday, CCC Room 602, & spent most of the rest of the time manning a "fan table".


25-27 July 2008, Tulsa (Radisson Tulsa), Oklahoma
publius was be in attendance, having been given kind permission to set up a table.


27-29 June, Houston (Doubletree Hotel Houston Intercontinental Airport), Texas
publius was in attendance ; there were a Project table, program-book advertisement, & "Luna City or Bust" presentation (1 PM Saturday).

ISDC 2008

29 May-1 June 2008, Washington (Capital Hilton), DC
publius attended this year's International Space Development Conference. As a result, he was not able to host a Project presence at Project A-Kon ; some exposure at that heavily-attended event was provided courtesy of other participants.

Delta-H Con

16-18 May, Houston (University of Houston Central Campus), Texas
This was a first-year anime & gaming convention in Space City USA. publius was in attendance & presented "Luna City or Bust" on Sunday at 1 PM.

2008 Nebula Awards

25-27 April 2008, Austin (Omni Hotel Downtown), Texas
publius attended, in order to explore possible contacts in science fiction industry & fandom.

Space Access '08

27-29 March 2008, Phoenix (Grace Inn), Arizona
publius attended the 2008 Space Access Conference, in the hope of identifying and contacting possible collaborators, specifically for Working Group 2. It was not an unqualified success.


14-16 March 2008, New York (Rye Town Hilton), New York
This is the convention held annually by the "Lunarians" or New York Science Fiction Society, one of the oldest science-fiction fan clubs in existence. publius was on the programming schedule, presenting "Luna City or Bust" Saturday at 9 PM & participating in several other items, & the Project had a "club table". Hopefully a wider exposure will bring us a broader base of supporters.


7-9 March 2008, Addison (Crowne Plaza North Dallas), Texas
A "club table" for the Luna Project was manned throughout the weekend, & publius presented a "Luna City or Bust" program at 3 PM Saturday. We also advertised in the Program Book, although it did not come out perfectly. There was some positive response, & renewed some contacts with existing North Texas supporters.


22-24 February 2008, Richardson (Radisson Hotel Dallas North), Texas
The Luna Project is hired a table in the Dealers' Room, & took an advertisement in the Program Book. publius presented the "Luna City or Bust" program 11 AM Sunday, which may be described as well-received but ill-attended.


8-10 February 2008, Austin (Doubletree Hotel), Texas
publius presented a program under the title of "Luna City or Bust", 8-10 PM Friday. This was not well-attended, due partly to the time slot & the lack of advance publicity. The opportunity to meet with some current South Texas participants, & contact some new people, was perhaps more useful.

publius attended the X-Prize Cup, billed as "the premier event of the personal spaceflight industry", 26-28 October. Hopefully, next year, the Project will have a bigger presence, and be able to meet with leaders on both the commercial and enthusiast sides of the issue. Unfortunately, such was not really the case this time.

Maker Faire Austin

The Luna Project exhibited at Maker Faire in Austin, Texas, on the 20th and 21st of October. publius shouted himself hoarse and ran out of printed materials, which is probably a good sign. He was not able to connect with the other exhibitors, due to having no help or relief, which is not.


The Luna Project was represented at ShimaKon on South Padre Island, Texas, October 5-7. publius was there, manning an "Autumn Market" table. He also tried to hold Luna Project General Meetings at 7.30 PM Friday and Saturday. Unfortunately, owing to scheduling and other problems, these were poorly attended and did not accomplish what was desired. About 40 signed up for the e-mail list, and there may have been some coverage in the local media.


publius was in attendance at AnimeFest in Dallas, 31 August through 2 September 2007, with a table in the "Bizarre Bazaar" area and a discussion-meeting on Sunday at 6 PM.

This was essentially the first Luna Project event, and hopefully will be a dress rehearsal for the future. It was decently successful, with about 80 attendees signing up for the e-mail discussion list.


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