Contact Information for the Luna Project

Networking Tools

The Luna Project Forum is available for all kinds of discussions.

Our Facebook page provides additional opportunities for interaction.


Electronic mail may be addressed to Mr. C.D. Carson, publius at this domain, who will direct it as appropriate, or for matters related to affairs in Australia or nearby areas, to Mr. Ashley Hill, woomera at this domain.

Postal mail should be sent to :

	Post Office Box 1035
	Fort Worth
	Texas 76101
	United States of America

Mailing List Instructions

The luna_discussion mailing list has been set up for general discussion. It is is subscription-moderated but not message-moderated, and is archived and digested.

The software used is ezmlm-idx, which accepts commands in the email address rather than in the subject line or body, which may be left blank. A list of addresses ( for common commands is given below.

All messages to be distributed to the list should be given this address. Please do not send unsubscribe requests, &c., to this address as they will be seen by everyone.
Subscribe the sending address to the list — the list administrator would appreciate a note introducing the new subscriber
Subscribe address xxx@yyy.zzz to the list (a similar command exists for the other "subscribe" & "unsubscribe" functions)
Subscribe the sending address to the digest list, which combines individual messages into a single periodic mailing
Remove the sending address to the list
Remove the sending address from the digest list
Receive a list of recent messages
Receive a digest of recent messages
Receive messages 80 through 120 as attachments to a single email

The ezmlm manual gives additional useful commands, including operations on remote email addresses.

Monetary Donations

We are happy to accept, among other shows of support, contributions of money toward defraying the expenses associated with the work of the Luna Project. Unless otherwise specified, all donations will be directed to the Publications Fund, to be used for printing and mailing, and other costs associated with getting our words into the hands of the public.

We are pleased to offer premiums to recognize and encourage your generosity.

  1. A Certificate of Acknowledgement, printed by hand from a wood block, for each gift of at least five dollars (US currency value).
  2. For the same $5 (within the US — $10 elsewhere), upon request, ten of our attractive colour promotional posters. They do no good waiting in their mailing tubes!
  3. While our limited supply lasts, a US Postal Service postpaid envelope with a space-themed hologram cachet (Scott #U617) accompanying the Certificate of Acknolwedgement for each gift of $10 or more. These envelopes will not be included with posters, and we may limit them to one per donor.

Contributions by cheque or money order (we do not, in general, advise sending currency through the post, although 1972 Eisenhower, or 1979 or 1999 Anthony dollars would be much appreciated) should be made out to "Christopher Carson", and mailed to the address below. A note, or at least a memo line entry, indicating that the money is for the use of the Project, and making any other stipulations desired, would be appreciated.

	Post Office Box 1035
	Fort Worth
	Texas 76101
	United States of America

If you wish to donate electronically, you may do so simply through PayPal, using the button below. This is not set up to provide us with your address automatically. If you wish to receive premiums, you will have to enter the mailing address you wish them to go to in the note field.

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