Working Group 1 : Public Awareness

The Luna Project is a coöperative effort which cannot succeed without support from many quarters. Working Group 1 is tasked with acquiring and maintaining that support.

WG 1.1 : In-Group Liaison

In-Group Liason is responsible, in the main, for contact and coöperation with rocketry societies, space institutes, science-fiction fan clubs, and similar organizations aligned with the work of the Project.

WG 1.2 : Out-Group Liaison

Out-Group Liason is responsible for outreach to and contact with the general public, including advertising, letter-writing, parades, marches, mass meetings, and other activities to create visibility and attract support.

WG 1.3 : Political Liaison

Political Liason is responsible for interaction with government bodies, from the world to the local level, with a particular emphasis on avoiding official interference with Project activities.

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