Activity Interest Sections of the Luna Project

The Interest Sections divide the work of the Project, and the members of the sections carry it out. Each section keeps in close contact, principally by means of email lists.

Preliminary Organization Table

This division is subject to change as work progresses. Also available in printable form (.PDF) Current as of 2007-213.
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Committee of Coördination
Working Group 1 Public Awareness
WG 1.1 In-Group Liaison
WG 1.2 Out-Group Liaison
WG 1.3 Political Liaison
Working Group 2 Space Access
WG 2.1 Expendable Rockets
WG 2.2 One Stage to Orbit
WG 2.3 Two Stages to Orbit
WG 2.4 Lunar Rockets
WG 2.5 Space Gun
Working Group 3 Infrastructure
WG 3.1 Terrestrial Infrastructure
WG 3.2 Lunar Planning
Working Group 4 Materials & Processes
Working Group 5 Life Cycle