Committee of Coördination for the Luna Project

The fundamental principle of the Project is that nothing is accomplished by waiting. Accordingly, our general rule is "If you see that it needs doing, do it!" Of course, there are two major problems which arise : duplication of effort, and neglect. The purpose of the Committee of Coördination is to provide a central clearinghouse, to which everyone involved in the Project can refer, in order to see what is and is not being done. Some duplication of effort is not only necessary but desirable, to avoid sticking points when some approach fails, but there will be matters which require complete coöperation. Perhaps more serious is the case in which some matter is forgotten, and part of the Committee's business will be to search for such blind spots.

Please contact publius if you wish to be involved in the work of the Committee, or any other part of the Project.


All coördinators may be contacted by email to their aliases, given below, at the domain.


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