Luna Project Promotional & Educational Programs

Educating the public concerning the benefits of space development and the advantages of the lunar strategy, and spreading public awareness of the Project itself, are vital for the success of the broad-based approach which we have embraced. This leads us to pursue several different avenues of public outreach.

Please note : quantities of most printed materials are available upon inquiry. Recognizing that printing, particularly colour printing, can be expensive, we make use of the Publications Fund to have work done in bulk as appropriate. Donations to the Fund are invited ; by the same token, if you have incurred printing expenses which you are unable to treat as a donation, please do not hesitate to contact us with a request for reimbursement from the Fund.


This publication is intended to help bring the Project and the ideas of lunar settlement to the attention of the interested public, & to keep them there. Everyone is invited to redistribute it, whether by handing it out, by mail, or by passing along the download link. Contributions are invited, & we mean to publish a new number as often as we have suitable material.

To receive notification when a new Luna! becomes available, please subscribe to the announcements-only mailing list by sending a blank e-mail message to pub_announce-subscribe on this domain.

All issues are 1 double-sided sheet, 8½×14 inch size, greyscale, .PDF

Other Mailings

Letters, Position Papers, &c

Audiovisual Media

Luna Project Vimeo account

Handouts and Giveaway Materials

Some of these can be handed out on street-corners, or placed in libraries, bookstores, coffee shops, or other favourable locations — don't forget to get permission where necessary. Others are particularly useful to accompany a display, giving people something to take away.

Rocket logo with motto "The Stars are Ours!" or "Luna City or Bust!", expository text on back, 8½×5½ inch size
2 in 8½×11 inch or 4 in 11×17 inch for printing (face colour, back mono, .PDF)
Tri-Fold Leaflet
"Invitation to Infinity" (8½×11 size, mono, .PDF, 155 kB)
Participating Organizations will substitute their contact information for the text "SAMPLE"
Informational Materials
Printed copies of the Papers on the Lunar Settlement can be extremely helpful
Subscription Project Process Chart and explanation of the Project approach (8½×11 size, 2 sides, mono, .PDF, 199 kB)
Luna Project Organization Chart (8½×11 size, 1 side, mono, .PDF, 103 kB)
Human Lunar Expeditions to Date, incorporating a list of space-mission fatalities (8½×11 size, 1 side, mono, .PDF, 109 kB)

Displays and Table Materials

One useful way of attracting attention to the Project and gaining a platform for engaging the public is to set up a booth, table, or poster display at an event such as a science-fiction convention, book fair, rocketry competition, or movie premiere. The materials below are intended to assist in the use of this avenue of outreach.

Luna Project Data Book
The Data Book is an evolving compilation of materials intended to provide background on the concept of lunar settlement and responses to questions of general interest about the Project itself. Due to size and other issues, source files for the Data Book are not hosted here, but may be obtained upon request.
Display posters     Good for assembling a static display or backdrop. Most are 11×17 inch size, portrait orientation, with one wide margin & one narrow to facilitate trimming for display on a 20×30 inch board. .PDF, monochrome unless otherwise indicated.
Introductory essay (landscape orientation)
Summary of near-term objectives
Human life-support requirements (colour)
showing the dominance of oxygen, which is so readily supplied from lunar sources
Summary of human lunar expeditions to date
includes table of space-mission fatalities
Organization chart
Reference mission logistical table
includes comparison of launch capabilities
Signs and Banners     Suitable for printing, or as patterns for cloth equivalents. .PDF, colour, size as indicated (width×height, inches).
24×48, "The Stars are Ours!"
24×48, "Luna City or Bust!"
48×24, "Luna City or Bust!"

Luna Project Book Program

The Luna Project Book Program is an outreach effort intended to spread awareness of the issues related to space development, as well as increasing the visibility of the Project. Under the Book Program, Project supporters give away copies of various books, both fiction and non-fiction, which are selected to stimulate interest in space colonization and industrialization. These books are marked with Project information, & distributed so as to maximize exposure. All the books listed are available as mass-market paperbacks, which is the format we recommend distributing, and can generally be found for US$5 or less per copy.

List of Selected Books

f = fiction, nf = non-fiction

Ben Bova
The High Road (nf)
Arthur C. Clarke
The Exploration of Space (nf)
Interplanetary Flight (nf)
The Promise of Space (nf)
Prelude to Space (f — also published as Master of Space & The Space Dreamers)
Robert A. Heinlein
The Green Hills of Earth (f)
The Man who Sold the Moon (f)
T.A. Heppenheimer
Colonies in Space (nf)
Gerard K. O'Neill
The High Frontier (nf)
G. Harry Stine
The Space Enterprise (nf)
Space Power (nf)
The Third Industrial Revolution (nf)


The first two labels are intended to be placed inside Book Program give-away books. The third is meant for use in other connexions — e.g. when putting Heinlein juveniles into a Christmas toy drive, or trading miscellaneous books for Program books through a swapping service.


Luna Project merchandise has two functions. First, the proceeds help fund Project outreach activities. Second, the items themselves are generally of such a kind as to attract attention, & thus spread awareness of the Project.

Project merchandise is available in-person at events, on eBay, and by mail (within the United States — use this printable order form). Prices are listed in US dollars, per each except where otherwise specified.

Advertising is of great importance in reaching the public. If we wish to gain public support, we must be visible. While the Project has yet to mount a full-dress advertising campaign, we do have materials which are useful for anyone who wishes to assist the effort in this manner.


The two items below are suitable for digital printing, but were prepared as pre-press files. We have sizable quantities of both on hand, printed using a metallic ink for the gold portion, which are available upon request.

Web Banners

The following images represent the most common sizes for use in Internet advertising. They are also suitable for forum signatures and the like.

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