The Luna Project

“Luna City or Bust!”

The time has come, not merely to reach for the stars, but to grasp them. The reasons for space development, the benefits to be gained, the dangers to be escaped, are well known, but it seems that knowledge is not enough to provoke action. We who have the need, who feel the desire, for the opening of the heavens must be the ones to accomplish this thing. In the Luna Project we can and shall combine our efforts, to establish our beach-head upon the Moon as the first step toward all that lies beyond, and do so now — at this point, the preparations needful for the departure of the first party of pioneers would occupy a few months only, and delay beyond the unavoidable serves us very ill indeed.

We must recognize that the stall in space progress, in the forty years since the end of Apollo — such a striking contrast to the fifteen breakneck years following Sputnik — is not a disaster for us. To the contrary, it is our great chance to reclaim our treasure from those to whose keeping we left it, and who have buried it in the ground. We cannot blame for their inaction those who have no reason to act, and who are not pledged to act, when we ourselves have not acted. If what we want has not been done, we can only blame ourselves for waiting for them, but better than blaming anyone is to take up the doing ourselves.

Lunar settlement now lies within our power to accomplish, and can change the whole state of affairs at a stroke. From the material and psychological aspects, it is our best first step upon the road to the stars.


Progress continues with the Luna City Mint. Watch this space for interesting news soon.

Composer Scott Giles has written a piece entitled The Lunar City, and the Project has recently been the topic of a couple of good interviews. You can find recordings in the audiovisual media section.

The new Luna! (№ 10, 2013 December) is now available for download and in print.

To provide another channel for the distribution of Project media, we have opened a Vimeo account. Suggestions for content are welcomed.

The Project figures prominently in the motion picture Lunarcy!, which is now available through popular streaming-video services, providing us with new publicity opportunities. Version 2.01 — live as of 2013-133